Are You A Future International Session Head Organiser?

Have you ever thought that you could organise one of the three International Sessions that take place each year? Well now’s your chance to try!

EYPUK is intending to bid for the 79th International Session of the European Youth Parliament, taking place in the summer of 2015. There is still some time before a bid must be submitted to the Governing Body but the Board of Trustees has decided to run its own bidding process to ensure that every alumnus has the opportunity to take part in organising an IS. If you are interested in bidding please send a two-page A4 document to by 21st December. The document should contain the following information:

Proposed dates
Proposed Location
Why you want to HO an IS
Your experience

Those wishing to declare their interest can do so as a single applicant, a pair or a trio. If you require any support please contact either James Benge or Ollie Mayman. Applicants will be informed about next steps in the new year.