Young people across the UK use Twitter to engage with top politicians and community figures!

At EYPUK we always aim to be ambitious, particularly with our EurVoice Programme. Not content with doubling the number of Events last year; this year we wanted to embark on a new challenge. This was EurVoice Live.

As a partner organisation in Parliament Week 2012, we ran the event on 21 November. It aimed to give young people all across theUKand beyond a chance to express their views on the issues that really matter to them.

We were delighted to have well over 100 young people firing all sorts of questions to the panellists (Bradford West Respect MP George Galloway, Lib Dem Julian Huppert MP, North West Labour MEP Arlene McCarthy, Former Director of Communication and Strategy for the previous Labour government Alastair Campbell, Police & Crime Commissioner for Merseyside Jane Kennedy and Liverpool’s youngest Councillor Jake Morrison).

Questions ranged from Prisoners being allowed to vote, the increase in University fees and Fairtrade products.

Example discussion included whether prisoners have rights to vote. We had an e-mail from Liam; ‘Prisoners should have the vote. The Govt is being unfair’. To this, Julian Huppert MP said ‘I’m in favour of prisoners being allowed to vote; it helps with reintegration into society. They shouldn’t lose civic rights’ .

We also had an interesting question from @louisshankar; ‘@EurVoice what are your views on the fact that only 2 EU member states have the power to veto UN Security Council motions? #eurvoice’. Alastair Campbell responded ‘@louisshankar @eurvoice it is a fact of history. May change one day egGermanyor as EU. I worryUKwill lose perm rep ifScotlandgoes indy’.

Fellow charity organisation Debate Mate also got involved in our event, Tweeting; ‘How can we improve social mobility and get more young people into top universities’.

EurVoice Live was a highly successful and innovative outreach event, that we will look to run again in the future. We would particularly like to thank all involved with Parliament Week, the panellists for taking part and most importantly, the young people involved for tweeting and e-mailing in their questions so avidly.

There is much to look forward to over the next year with our EurVoice Cardiff and EurVoice London events, a new EurVoice in School event and our EurVoice led ‘youth consultation’, all taking place in 2013.

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